Library facilities

Apart from the University’s main library (at Belur Main campus), CS Department has its own library housing books catering to the emerging areas of research and academics.

Access the online catalogue of RKMVERI Central Library:

List of Journals received in the CS Department / University library in computer science and related disciplines are :

  • International Journal of Business Analytics & Intelligence
  • International Journal of Distributed & Cloud Computing
  • Journal of Network & Information Security
  • International Journal of Knowledge based Computer System
  • Journal of Scientific and Technical Research
  • ANWESH : International Journal of Management & Information Technology

Arya Computer Lab

(named after Aryabhata (476-550 CE), the first of the major mathematician-astronomers from the classical age of Indian mathematics and Indian astronomy)


  1. Seating capacity is 42
  2. Currently equipped with 30 stations each having a AMD Ryzen 7 processor (3.6 GHz)
  3. An HP Workstation functioning as a GPU server. The Server has a Nvidia Tesla GV100 GPU card, the fastest PCIe card produced by Nvidia, with 5132 nos. of FP32 cores and 640 nos. of tensor cores
  4. Connected to University LAN via Gigabit subnet. 
  5. Two network ports per station
  6. Air conditioned
  7. Ultr-short throw projector from Epson
  8. White-board
  9. ICT Facilities: Real-time streaming
  10. Podium with computer
  11. Raised platform
  12. Air conditioned

Bhaskara Lab


  1. Seating capacity is 42Currently equipped with 32 stations having Intel E3-1225 V5 Xeon powered PCs.
  2. Gigabit subnet
  3. Two network ports per station
  4. Air conditioned
  5. WXGA Epson Projector
  6. Green board
  7. Podium with computer
  8. Raised platform

Vijnana Lab


  1. Seating capacity is 21
  2. Currently equipped with 21 stations having Intel E3-1245 V6 Xeon powered PCs.
  3. 100mbps subnet
  4. Air conditioned
  5. XGA Epson Projector
  6. White board

Sashi Lab


  1. Seating capacity is 20
  2. Currently equipped with 16 stations having AMD 8300FX powered PCs.
  3. 100mbps subnet
  4. WXGA Epson Projector
  5. White board
  6. Raised platform with podium computer