The Department of Computer Science under the School of Mathematical Science, RKMVERI (Deemed University) situated at the Belur Main Campus, runs two MSc programmes, viz, MSc in Computer Science, and MSc in Big Data Analytics, and a research programme (PhD) in Computer Science. The Dept. also has a MoU with the Institute for Advancing Intelligence (IAI) of TCG CREST, Kolkata for conducting research in various areas of Computer Science.

The raison d’etre and the vision behind the twin MSc programmes in Computer Science and Big Data Analytics

On the average, Indian students graduating in computer science are often seen to be especially weak in engineering skills. Hence, the Department of Computer Science in this new University aspires to impart engineering-based science education to its students joining the MSc programme in Computer Science. Even though our thrust will be research and higher studies in computer science, we nevertheless keep in mind that a section of students would prefer corporate sector after the completion of the program and we would therefore endeavour to meet their needs as well. With computer science education becoming more and more lucrative, many institutions have taken up imparting computer education as a principle agenda focusing on job placement taking into account the immediate market needs. On the other side of the spectrum, computer science research is moving away from the pragmatic and real world to more and more abstraction. We reckon the need to pursue knowledge creation in theory and practice, so as to bring about a transformation in the mindset of the stakeholders from being neither too abstract nor too real. With this transformed mindset we envisage that the students joining the MSc program in this university department could become leaders and pioneers in the field of computer science. This is our vision and we are venturing to actualize this vision. As is always the case, the difficulties and hurdles on the way to this actualization of our vision are many.

Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Educational and Research Institute believes that the students must be firmly grounded in underlying concepts and principles governing computer science, and not be merely trained in the tricks of the trade. One objective of the four-semester MSc computer science programme of our University is to effect this firm grounding in the basic concepts and principles of computer science so that the students might feel enthused to go in for further research and higher studies in computer science.