Courses Offered in MSc Computer Science

The courses are mainly drawn from the branch of theoretical Computer Science. A few system oriented courses too have been included with extra emphasis on implementation. A list of courses offered in the MSc Computer Science programme is given below. For a detailed listing of the topics covered under each course, please see MSc Computer Science Programme Prospectus.

This Scheme of Instrutions gives the exhaustive list of courses taught in the MSc degree programme right from its inception in 2008.

Theoretical Computer Science

  • Automata Theory
  • Discrete Mathematics and Logic
  • Introduction to Probability
  • Theory of NP-Completeness
  • Computational Complexity
  • Probability and Stochastic processes


  • Analysis of Algorithms
  • Graph Algorithms
  • Computational Geometry
  • Computer Graphics(*)
  • Introduction to Discrete Optimization
  • Advanced Data structures
  • Approximation and Online algorithms
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Mining

Programming and Systems

  • Concepts of Programming Languages.
  • Programming Skill Development Project
  • Object Oriented Programming using Design Patterns
  • Compiler Design
  • Theory of Operating systems
  • Design and Implementation of Database Management System
  • Android Programming for Handheld Devices
  • Distributed Systems
  • Computer Architecture


Project Report Template

  • Summer Project (1st Year)
  • Final Semester Project (2nd Year)

Tentative Courses

  • Web Technologies
  • Design Patterns and Implementation

Laboratory work is a compulsory part of the programme. The academic content has been chosen in order to infuse passion for excellence in the learners and the teachers. Every student is subject to a process of continuous evaluation comprising periodic assignments, quizzes, presentations, group discussions, and of course written examinations. We believe that this comprehensive approach can really motivate the student to strive for cultivation of knowledge with the professional career coming as a by-product.