Swami Dhyanagamyananda

Home page : http://cs.rkmvu.ac.in/~swat

Area of research : Graph Theory, Graph Coloring

Subir Kumar Ghosh

Home page : http://cs.rkmvu.ac.in/~sghosh

Area of research : Computational Geometry and Applications, Robot Motion Planning, Geometric Graph Theory and Applications, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms: Sequential, Parallel, On-line and Approximation

Swami Sarvottamananda

Home page : http://cs.rkmvu.ac.in/~shreesh

Area of research : Computational Geometry, Center-points, Intersection Radii

Brahmachari Vijneyachaitanya

Home page : http://cs.rkmvu.ac.in/~sourav

Area of research : Computational Geometry, Graph Theory and Graph Algorithms, Algorithm Design and Analysis

Brahmachari Vikas

Home page : http://cs.rkmvu.ac.in/~vikas

Area of research : Computer Vision, Pattern Recognition