Prof. Subir Kumar Ghosh (PhD, TIFR Mumbai)

Area of research : Computational Geometry and Applications, Robot Motion Planning, Geometric Graph Theory and Applications, Discrete Mathematics, Algorithms: Sequential, Parallel, On-line and Approximation
Courses Teaching: CS312 Approximation and online algorithms.

Swami Sarvottamananda (PhD, IIT Kanpur)

Area of research : Computational Geometry, Center-points, Intersection Radii
Courses Teaching: CS212 Computational Geometry

Dr. Sudipta Das (PhD, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore)


Area of research : Reliability, Stochastic Processes, Data Analytics, Real Time Systems
Courses Teaching: DA310 Multivariate Statistics, DA311 Time series and forecasting

Joydeep Mukherjee (PhD, Institute of Mathematical Sciences, Chennai)


Area of research : Graph Theory, String Graphs, Computational Geometry.
Courses Teaching: CS100 Discrete Mathematics.

Soumitra Samanta (PhD, Indian Statistical Institute, India)


Area of research : Data Science, Machine Learning, Computer Vision and Chem-informatics.

Br. Tamal (PhD, University at Buffalo, Buffalo, NY, USA)


Area of research : Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Decision Theory, Database Systems, Networking, Computer Security
Courses Teaching: CS246: Artificial Intelligence, CS342: Computer Vision

Swami Shastravidyananda (MTech, Jadavpur University)

Area of Interest : Algorithm Design and Analysis
Courses Teaching: CS241: Design and Analysis of Algorithms

Mrinmay Maharaj (PhD, Pennsylvania State University)

email: mrinmay #at# rkmvu #dot# ac #dot# in
br [dot] mrinmay gmail {.} com

Area of research : Operations Research, Optimization
Courses Teaching: CS244: Optimization Techniques

Swami Dhyanagamyananda (PhD, Indian Statistical Institute)

Head of the Department

Area of research : Graph Theory, Graph Coloring
Courses Teaching:
CS123: Concepts of Programming Language
Computing for Data Science