Education is manifestation of Perfection already in man. Religion is manifestation of divine within. -Swami Vivekananda(1863-1902)


Publications in Intl. Conf.

(i appear in the publications with my pre-monastic name - Swathyprabhu-SP)

  1. Sagnik Sen, SP, Prantar Ghosh, Sagnik Sen, Relative clique number of Planar signed graphs, CALDAM-2016
  2. Sandip Das, SP, Sagnik Sen, On oriented relative clique number, LAGOS-2015

Conferences, Workshops, Seminars

  1. Invited Talk in Pre-Conference school at CALDAM 2017 held at KKBirla BITS-Pilani, Goa Campus, during 13-14 Feb 2017
  2. Paper Presentation in CALDAM 2016 to be held at Univeristy of Kerala
  3. Attended Fourth workshop conducted by National Knowledge Network (NKN) at Hyderabad, 21-22 Jan 2016
  4. Panelist in the youth day programme held at IIT Kharagpur on 12 Jan 2016.
  5. Attended CALDAM 2015 held at IIT Kanpur
  6. Attended WALCOM 2014 held at IIT Chennai
  7. Attended WALCOM 2009 held at ISI Kolkata