Education is manifestation of Perfection already in man. Religion is manifestation of divine within. -Swami Vivekananda(1863-1902)


Role in the University

I am a monastic faculty member in the Dept. of Computer Science since its inception in the year 2008. I can be reached through dhyangamyananda rkmvu ac in


In the year 2012 I got qualified to become a JRF (Junior Research Fellow) at ISI - Kolkata (India) in Computer Science. Currently, I am an SRF (Senior Research Fellow), working in the area of Oriented Coloring in Graph Theory with my supervisor Dr. Sandip Das.

Masters in Engineering

I did my postgraduation in Computer Science from Indian Institute of Science (IISc-Bangaluru) during 1992-96. I got enrolled in the ME(Integrated) course which was a 4-year degree programme. My interests in engineering were primarly centered around unix technologies. Operating Systems, Compilers were my favourites. It was in the final year, I got interested in Graph Theory, the seed for my later rejuvenation in this field.

My final year was spent in doing a project in “Location tracking of mobile users in mobile computing environment”. As a part of this project, we a small group of three (Nalini, Muralidharan, self) built a quaint a little generic customizable mobile platform simulator. Once the base platform was ready, we forked off and worked out our respective problems in the simulator.


My most cherishable days (1989-92) of my life in this planet. This was the period I found in me another self sincerely hankering for something “other-worldly”. Academically, Mathematics became a part of my life during this time.