Dr. Sudipta Das. Ph.D. (Indian Institute of Science, Bengaluru)

Assistant Professor,

Department of Computer Science


Research Interest: –


Stochastic Process

Data Analytics

Teaching: –

Advanced Stochastic Process (2013,14,15 at ISI, Kolkata)

Reliability (2014,15 at ISI, Kolkata)

Probability and Stochastic Process (2016 at RKMVERI, Belur)

Computing for Data Science (2016,17 at RKMVERI, Belur)

Basic Statistics (2017,18 at RKMVERI, Belur)

Multivariate Statistics (2017,18 at RKMVERI, Belur)

Time Series Analysis (2017,18 at RKMVERI, Belur)

Journal Papers: –

S Das, D Sengupta, and A Dewanji. “Optimum release time of a software under periodic debugging schedule.” Communications in Statistics-Simulation and Computation (2017): 1-19.

S.Das, A. Dewanji and D Sengupta. “Discrete time software reliability modeling with periodic debugging
schedule.” Statistical Methodology 33 (2016): 147-159.

D Sengupta and S Das. ”Sharp bounds on DMRL and IMRL classes of life distributions with specified mean.” Statistics & Probability Letters 119 (2016): 101-107.

S. Das, A. Dewanji and A. Chakravorty, “Software Reliability Modeling with Periodic
Debugging Schedule.” IEEE Transactions on Reliability, 65.3 (2016): 1449-1456.

S. Das, L. Jenkins and D. Sengupta, “Analysis of an M/M/1 + G queue operated under the
FCFS policy with exact admission control.” Queueing Systems 75.2-4 (2013): 169-188.

S. Das, L. Jenkins and D. Sengupta, “Loss ratio of the EDF scheduling policy with Early Discarding Technique.” Information Processing Letters 113.5 (2013): 165-170.