The following are the courses for the 2nd Year Students during July-Dec Semester (3rd Sem).

CS212 - Computational Geometry - 4 Cr (60 hrs)
Prof. Subir Ghosh
Course starts on 3rd July

DS300 - Enabling Technologies for Big Data - 4 Cr (60 hrs)
Dr. Sudeep Mallick
Course starts on 1st July

CS311 - Graph Algorithms and Optimization - 4 Cr
ISI Professor
Course for MTech ISI

DS301 - Machine Learning II - 4 Cr (60 hrs) [Elective]
Dr. Tanmay Basu
Course starts on 3rd July

CSXXX - Another Course AT ISI- TBA - 4 Cr

CS228 - Systems Programming - 4 Cr (60 hrs) [Elective]
Swathyprabhu Mj
Course starts on 3rd July