Admissions-2019 – MSc Computer Science

MSc Computer Science 2019: Results of the Interview

The following students are selected for admission to MSc Computer Science, 2019. These students will have to get admitted by paying the requisite fees (as mentioned below in this webpage) on or before 24th June 2019 (Monday), failing which their admissions stand canceled.

  1. Anal Bera
  2. Arijit Kumar Roy
  3. Debadri Chatterjee
  4. Jimut Bahan Pal
  5. Kaustav Basu
  6. Monojit Dey
  7. Pritam Kar
  8. Rajarshi Bhattacharya
  9. Rohitaswa Pradhan
  10. Rounak Saha
  11. Samiran Roy
  12. Sayan Roy
  13. Sayantan Saha
  14. Soumyadeep Banik
  15. Soumyadip Santra
  16. Sounak Modak
  17. Sourav Chabri
  18. Subhranil Mukherjee
  19. Suchibrata Bhowmik
  20. Tamojit Saha

The following are the waitlisted students. The students may check this page for further updates on 25th June 2019.

  1. Subhadip Sahoo
  2. Soumya Kanti Mandal
  3. Anurag Mukherjee


Course Fee

Admission process shall begin immediately after the interview. Those candidates permitted and willing to take admission may get admitted immediately by paying a total amount of Rs 17,250/ having the following breakup.

  • Tuition fee – Rs 6000/- for the first semester plus
  • Admission cum registration fee (one time)- Rs 5000/-
  • Lab fee – Rs 3000/-
  • Examination fee – Rs 1000/-
  • Online Convenience fee – 200/-
  • Id Card – Rs 50/-
  • Caution Deposit (one time, refundable) – Rs 2000/-

Selected candidates have to take admission by paying the requisite fees. Those who fail to take admission before the stipulated date without explicit permission from the authority will run the risk of forfeiting their admission.

Fees payable during each subsequent semester (2nd, 3rd, and 4th): Rs (600+3000+1000+150) = Rs.10150/-

The fee may be paid online via the RKMVERI Secure portal:

Hostel Facility

Limited number of seats are available in the hostel. Students requiring admission to hostel have to apply separately. Please check for availability at the Reception/Admission counter.

Hostel Fees

Total fees payable at the time of admission: Rs. 12000/-
[Room rent for the first semester of six months @ Rs.1000/- per month = Rs. 6000/- ,
Refundable Caution Deposit: Rs. 6000/- ]
Mess charges = Rs. 2000/- (fixed) per month payable within 5 days of the next month.
During subsequent semesters: Rs. 3000/- per month (Room rent + Mess charges).
Mode of payment of fees:

By online payment via RKMVERI Secure Portal:



MSc Computer Science 2019 Entrance Test results

The following list of applicants are called for interview in the order specified.

Date Time Applicant Name
17 June 2019(Monday) 10:00am to 1:00pm Soumodev Mal
Debartha Saha
Rohitaswa Pradhan
Sounak Modak
Sayantan Saha
Tamojit Saha
Subhranil Mukherjee
Tirthankar Datta
Saikat Chatterjee
Mohammad Shagil Siddiqui
Sourav Chattoraj
Suman Mondal
2:00pm to 5:00pm Bibrata Barman
Arijit Kumar Roy
Rounak Saha
Rajarshi Bhattacharya
Sourav Chabri
Arghyadeep Mondal
Sayanta Halder
Pritam Kar
Soumyadeep Banik
Subham Sinharoy
18 June 2019(Tuesday) 10:00am to 1:00pm Soumya Kanti Mandal
Anal Bera
Prantik Banerjee
Kaustav Basu
Sandip Das Pradhan
Jimut Bahan Pal
Gurudas Chandra
Suchibrata Bhowmik
Monojit Dey
Soumyadip Santra
Subhankar Shaw
Sagarmoy Khan
2:00pm to 5:00pm Srinjoy Dutta
Sayan Roy
Anirban Seth
Samiran Roy
Anurag Mukherjee
Debadri Chatterjee
Dipmalya Sarkar
Subhadip Sahoo
Saikat Samanta