MSc in Computer Science (Online)

Programmes mission and objectives:

The principal mission of online learning at RKMVERI is to enhance student access to the University’s academic programs at an affordable cost. Of equal importance, RKMVERI’s online education is intended to help students acquire the technical skills and online learning strategies important to the pursuit of their academic and career goals in a self-paced style. By developing and teaching online courses, RKMVERI faculty also acquire new instructional skills important to their professional growth and development. The University is committed to providing students and members of faculty the support and resources they need to succeed as participants in online education.

Target group of learners

The following two groups are found prospective target for pursuing the MSc Computer Science program online.
1. The engineering as well as science graduates in computer science who are placed in the industry become eligible by default for this program in order to provide them an opportunity for continuing education.
2. The undergraduates from any branch of science and technology who satisfy prerequisites laid down for the proposed online program.

Expected Program Outcome

• Inculcate critical thinking to carry out scientific investigation objectively
without being biased with preconceived notions.
• Equip the student with skills to analyze problems, formulate a hypothesis,
evaluate and validate results, and draw reasonable conclusions thereof.
• Prepare students for pursuing research or careers in industry in mathematical
sciences and allied fields.
• Imbibe effective scientific and/or technical communication in both oral and
• Continue to acquire relevant knowledge and skills appropriate to professional
activities and demonstrate the highest standards of ethical issues in
mathematical sciences.

Salient Features of the Programme

• All the lecture videos will be prepared prior to the start of the semester. All the videos will be uploaded in the LMS portal hosted by the university. A typical lecture will be for a duration of 60 minutes.
• Each learning material will have well laid down objectives at the beginning of the lecture matching with the outcome of the course.
• The lecture materials will go through an internal review procedure to ensure content and production quality.
• Online feedback system for every aspect of the program will be in place
for the learners to express their opinion.
• For every topic that is studied, an online discussion forum will be in place that facilitates all the learners to contribute, share, their ideas on that topic.
• The learners will have the facility to interact offline with the instructor team through email.
• The external experts in the topic of discussion may be consulted for their
informed opinion about the topic under discussion.

Online MSc Course Curriculum

The courses are mainly drawn from the branch of theoretical Computer Science and Machine/Statistical Learning. A few system oriented courses too have been included with extra emphasis on implementation. A list of courses offered in the Online MSc Computer Science programme is given below.